Covid-19 Precautions

Covid-19 Precautions

COVID-19 awareness

We are put together all the necessary precautions for all yours and our safety to treat dental problems.

We are available on tele-consultation 24x7, necessary remedies shall be provided & treated as per the problem as much as a telephonic conversation allows.


1) Kindly take a prior appointment and adhere to the timings for your and our convenience. Please do not bring in a bystander if not required. We are avoiding crowds in our waiting area. We want to allow everyone to practice social distancing effectively.

2) Appointments will be longer than usual because we have to reduce the number of appointments/visits to the dental clinic. Maximum work will be done per appointment.

3) Wear a mask always, while entering & inside the clinic. Please do not touch our clinic handles. We will open the door to let you in.

4) Use the hand sanitizer provided at the reception, immediately after entering the clinic as all the frequently touched surfaces and furniture is disinfected regularly at the clinic.

5) We will also provide spray sanitizer for your feet as well as shoe covers.

6) Not more than 1 person should accompany the patient if it is absolutely essential.

7) Avoid getting small children, senior citizens to the clinic, unless they themselves need dental intervention.

8) Kindly cooperate and adhere to all the instructions given at the dental office for your safety. Wait for a pre-treatment evaluation and screening before entering the operatory.

9) Never hide any recent history of travel, exposure or illness as it may risk multiple lives.

10) Defer visiting if you or any of your family members are unwell. If you have come to the clinic irrespective, we expect you to reveal this information to us.

11) Please do not ask for discounts/concessions as the operational costs for dental clinics/hospitals have increased steeply. We are doing our level best in the given circumstances.

Declaration/Screening form for COVID patients

Name of the Patient:
Mobile Number:


Do you have symptoms of fever, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, sore throat, fatigue?

Have you travelled outside the country in the past 3 months? Please mention the country and the city travelled.

Have you travelled to other cities in India in the past 3 months? Please mention the cities travelled.

Have you had any exposure to a suspected or confirmed COVID patient in the past 1 month?

Have you been a part of a containment zone or near one in the past 1 month?

Have you visited a health-care facility in the past one month?

Signature of the patient:

The above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that withholding information is unethical and against the interests of the global population fighting this pandemic.

Staff sign:            Date:      

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