Quality Dental Treatment, Pink and White Dental Clinic, dentist in kharghar

Quality Dental Treatment

We know how much you love your kids. Bring in your child at the earliest and help us preserve their smile forever.

Easy Cosmetic Services, Pink and White Dental Clinic, dentist in kharghar

Easy Cosmetic Services

Hectic work and overwhelming deadlines? No problem. We are flexible.

Beautiful Healthy Teeth, Pink and White Dental Clinic, dental clinic in kharghar

Beautiful Healthy Teeth

Take care of yourself just the way you care for your kids.

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Welcome to Pink and White Dental Clinic

" We will endeavour to maintain a comfortable and soothing environment along with the best quality dental treatment at all times. "

Proudly Pink and dazzlingly White, we enjoy making empowering smiles a reality for millions. We emphasise on gum health as much as the teeth to give you a complete experience.

To ensure a strong foundation for a great smile, we offer a range of dental treatments for all ages.

welcome-to-pink-and-white-dental, best dental surgeon in navi mumbai, dentist in kharghar

Treatments - Generalised

We find the cause of your dental problems and we provide the right treatment for even the most difficult cases

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If you are just nervous, come over for only a consultation. You can also visit us for your routine check-up or if you want a quote. We will make sure you have a comforting experience.

treatments scaling, best dental Clinic in navi mumbai, dentist in kharghar

Scaling and Polishing

We eat about 3 times a day. Our brushing removes only 60% of the food stuck between our teeth and that's why professional cleaning is recommended once in 6 months at least.

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Food stagnating between teeth can rot and cause tooth decay and sensitivity. They can also cause gum diseases. Before it causes more trouble, come to us for a filling.

root canal, best dental Clinic in navi mumbai

Root Canal

Sudden, sharp pain? Most likely, the infection has progressed deeper into the tooth to the nerves. The tooth and its nerves have to be cleaned by a process called root canal treatment.

Extraction Tooth Removal, best dental surgeon in navi mumbai

Tooth Removal

When a tooth decays or loses its supporting gums, the dentist generally advises removal. We recommend following it with a replacement as early as possible to avoid chewing problems.

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Dentures are the removable option of replacing lost teeth. It can be a complete denture or a partial denture depending upon the number of teeth that need replacement.

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Caps are usually given after root canal treatment as the teeth become brittle to protect the tooth. We give you a variety of caps so that you can choose what is the most suited for you.

bridges, best dental Clinic in navi mumbai


Bridge is a conventional method of fixed teeth replacement where the adjacent two teeth are ground and an artificial tooth is replaced in the centre with its support.

Treatments - Specialised

We rope in our best consultants to give you a comfortable and smooth dental experience.

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Kids Dentistry

Kids with a previous bad experience become phobic as adults. We provide specialised treatment for kids by engaging dentists who are specially trained to modify childrens' behaviour and positively reinforce dental treatment.

wisdom tooth removal, best dental clinic in navi mumbai

Wisdom tooth removal

They are the last ones to erupt and usually come at an angle and get locked. This requires gums and bone cutting to remove it. With our experienced consultants, the procedure can be done routinely and easily

Gum Treatment, best detist near kharghar in navi mumbai

Gum Treatment

Loose teeth and bleeding are gum infections. The bone underneath the gums can also be infected. Strengthening of natural teeth is done to increase its life by gum and bone treatment.

dental implant, best dental clinic in kharghar, navi mumbai

Dental Implants

Most opted to rehabilitate missing teeth are dental implants. It prevents cutting of the adjacent teeth and involves screwing into the bone directly followed by a cap (which resembles a tooth).

teeth Braces and Aligners, best dental surgeon in navi mumbai

Braces and Aligners

Aligning crooked teeth is dealt with the specialty of Orthodontics (Braces). If you don't like the metal on your teeth, we have an option for you called Aligners

Full Mouth Rehabilitation, best dental clinic in navi mumbai

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When all the teeth are missing or destroyed, trying to bring the original bite back is complex and tedious. This treatment is called full mouth rehabilitation and requires extensive planning and a couple of different specialities to work together.

teeth root canals, best dental surgeon in navi mumbai

Re-Root Canals

Sometimes the roots of teeth make it difficult to do root canals. There are some other instances where a previously root canal treated tooth fails. In such cases, re-root canals are advised and done by only experts in root canals.

teeth veneers, best dental clinic in navi mumbai


It is a shell like covering over the teeth and is used for improving your smile, whitening teeth, fixing broken front teeth, etc. It is minimally invasive and indispensably used for cosmetic treatment.


What Our Patients Say

Core Values

We have put together a team of young, strong female dentists who share the same core values. Hence, "Pink and White".

hygiene-comes-first, Best Dental Clinic

1. Hygiene comes first

We keep our working space clean and sterile.

care-about-you, Best Dental Clinic

2. We care about you

It is important that we give you that "personal touch".

empathetic-and-ethical, Best Dental Clinic

3. We are Empathetic

We genuinely want to help you get rid of your problem.

get-to-know-you, Best Dental surgeon

4. We want to know you

A long term relationship with you is important for us.

Listen-to-you, dental clinic

5. Us time is important

We will spare time to listen and be patient with you.

team-is-valuable, dental surgeon

6. Our team is valuable

We value our team's contributions. Collaboration is our key.

Children 0 12 years, Best Dental surgeon

Children (0-12 years)

Coloured fillings, habit breakers for children who suck their thumb, behaviour modification techniques and a lot more to improve your child's experience at Pink and White.

Adolescent 13-19 years, Best Dental clinic

Adolescent (13-19 years)

Coloured fillings, coloured to transparent braces (depends on if your teen wants to look funky or is conscious about her appearance), food habit counseling and a lot more specifically to give your teen a happy experience.

young adults 20 30 years, Best Dental surgeon in navi mumbai

Young Adults(20-30 years)

We can work around your college or work hours. Late evening or weekend appointments, short appointments - can be customised for you. We also do cosmetic work including tooth jewellery for all our young brides and grooms-to-be.

Adults 30-50's, Best Dental surgeon

Adults (30-50's)

Flexible to short appointments for our working patients and busy mothers, we can work around your schedule. We go that extra step to give you a beautiful smile and strong teeth.

young-50-60-years, Best Dental clinic

50-60 years YOUNG

Whether you are working, semi-retired or retired, we keep updated medical and dental records, pick up newer diseases which otherwise would remain undiagnosed, we try our level best to keep you in the "Pink of Health".

our geriatric family, Best Dental surgeon

Our Geriatric family

We allow our elderly patients to take their time to settle in and avoid their waiting time. Our endeavour is to give you a stress-free experience. If you have lost your teeth, we strive to give you new ones that are not only functional but also aesthetic.

Our Team

Dr Priyanka Iyer, Pink and White Dental Clinic

Dr Priyanka Iyer

Graduated from Manipal Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore in 2013 and completed her post graduation from KLE Belgaum in 2017 in the field of Periodontology.

Dr Nazneen More, Pink and White Dental Clinic

Dr Nazneen More

Graduated from Yerala Dental College, Navi-Mumbai in 2018 and has an inclination towards cosmetic dentistry

For questions, appointments or emergencies you can call us Mon - Sat 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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